Universal SLR housing

After 15 months of research we are proud to present the first fully electronically controlled universal housing for all DSLRs from Nikon and Canon. Here are some key specifications:

1. fingertip control via piezo elements and rotary wheels

2. works with all Nikon and Canon DSLRs via USB connection

3. new camera models only require software update via usb-stick

4. large 7” HD monitor for Liveview and electronic viewfinder system for unrestricted photography, option for HDMI monitoring/recording

5. large capacity battery for over 3 hours constant run-time, quickcharging, cold water reliable 100% safe batteries without memory effect

6. large port opening with adaptor for all Nikonos RS lenses, third party ports work without extension through adaptors

7. universal strobe control for parallel TTL with up to four different strobes

8. various finishings available: ceramic white/ceramic black/mirror polished chrome

We were presenting at the German BOOT tradeshow where a lot of people gathered to examine the housing. Here are some pictures and a preliminary information, the housing will be available in Q1 2014. Please contact office@njusystem for further details and specifications: