Nikonos RS Lenses On Nikon DSLRs

Reinventing Nikonos – RS Lenses On Digital SLRs

My dear colleagues: After months of research work, thinking and rethinking concepts and approaches, cancelling out options, acquiring new ones, me and my team have made a 20 year old underwater photographer’s dream come true. A working prototype of a Nikonos RS lens that fully communicates with a regular Nikon DSLR. The Nikonos RS 13 mm Fisheye and the Nikonos RS 20-35 Wideangle are considered the world’s best underwater optics. I remember that 10 years ago the performance of the Nikonos 20-35 easily dwarfed my usually “state of the art considered” Nikon 17-35 behind a coated 9” port with an exactly matched extension ring. The pictures looked like that from a normal lens compared to a Leica. I’m going to present a second part when the Nikonos lens will be dive ready and thoroughly tested on its optical capabilities compared to regular lens/domeport combinations.